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Obesity and Its Complications


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that in the US, one-third of the adult population, or 78.6 million people are obese. These statistics highlight the need for quality treatment options.

Obesity is a condition where an individual is grossly overweight. Whether or not you are obese is usually determined by body mass index (BMI). BMI is a ratio of a person’s height to weight, which in most cases correlates to an individual’s level of body fat. The CDC considers any adult with a BMI of 30 or higher to be obese.

Causes and Effects of Obesity

Factors that can contribute to this condition include poor diet, large portion sizes, lack of sleep, genetics, the use of certain medications such as antidepressants and lack of physical activity.

Being obese can increase your risk of developing some serious health conditions such as stroke, gallstones, type 2 diabetes, bone and joint diseases, cancer, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, coronary heart disease, infertility, and osteoarthritis.

Treating Obesity

Because of the seriousness of obesity, it is important to seek treatment. There are different options for weight loss management and each patient’s situation is unique. Treatment options include:

  • Lifestyle Changes

A lifestyle modification is key to successful weight loss treatment. A change in lifestyle begins with exercise and dieting; even if you choose another weight loss option, a change in diet and an exercise regimen will still be necessary.

There are a lot of diet programs that promise successful weight loss; others require a complete elimination of some food groups while others may require the partial elimination of some foods. Experts recommend avoiding those programs that require short-term dietary changes, because they do not encourage healthy, long-term weight loss. Combined with regular exercise, a healthy diet is a powerful tool for combatting obesity. Speak to your doctor about the best choices for you.

  • Surgical intervention

For people who are severely obese with a BMI of 40 or above, and for those who are currently suffering from other serious health problems as a result of obesity, then surgical intervention may be recommended. There are several surgical options and it best to discuss them with your doctor. Common weight loss surgeries include:

Gastric bypass – This operation aims to restrict the amount of food consumed, and also to decrease the amount of food absorbed by the small intestine by creating a small stomach pouch and then bypassing a part of the small intestine.

Sleeve gastrectomy: This surgery aims to restrict the amount of food you consume through the removal of part of your stomach. As a result, you feel full more quickly.

  • Pharmacologic intervention

Pharmacological intervention may be used to treat obesity. These drugs work differently on different people, and may, therefore, result in unwanted side effects. You should speak with your doctor before taking any weight loss drugs, even herbal supplements.

The first step is to speak to a qualified health care practitioner about the available treatment options. Book an appointment today with Gotham Medical Associates (GMA) for comprehensive and professional advice on obesity. GMA’s highly trained and experienced team offers various treatment options. Book an appointment with GMA today to begin your journey to a healthier life.


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