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What to Expect from a Gastric Balloon Procedure (ORBERA™)

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When you haven’t had success with losing weight through dietary changes and exercise, a gastric balloon procedure might offer a suitable option. Orbera is a type of gastric balloon procedure that is available for some individuals who are trying to lose weight.

How Long Does a Gastric Balloon Stay In?

When you have an Orbera gastric balloon procedure, the balloon placed in your stomach stays there for six months. Doctors will then remove the balloon, and you can start going through an aftercare program.

What is the Balloon Procedure for Weight Loss?

The balloon procedure involves placing a balloon inside your stomach through your esophagus. This reduces the amount of food you eat overall, which can help you work towards weight loss. A deflated balloon enters your stomach and is filled with a saline solution for volume.

What Can You Eat After a Gastric Balloon?

You should eat a healthy diet while learning to control the amount of food you consume. Your doctor can provide you with information on nutrition so that you have the best chance at losing weight during the six months that the gastric balloon is inside your stomach.

What Is the Safest Weight Loss Surgery?

The safest weight loss surgery is a minimally invasive one that does not involve the use of incisions. Orbera is a procedure that is done using endoscopy to place the balloon inside your stomach by moving it down through your esophagus. This procedure does not involve making incisions.

Is Gastric Sleeve or Bypass Better?

This depends on certain factors, such as the amount of weight you need to lose. Gastric bypass surgery is usually done on those who have a higher Body Mass Index. This procedure typically leads to faster weight loss compared to gastric sleeve surgery.

Which is the Least Invasive Weight Loss Surgery?

Procedures such as Orbera offer the least invasive type of weight loss surgery. These procedures do not require incisions since doctors use endoscopy to perform them on an outpatient basis.

What Qualifies You for Gastric Balloon Surgery?

Having a Body Mass Index that is between 30 and 40 makes you a good candidate for gastric balloon surgery. This procedure is also intended for those who have tried diet and exercise to lose weight and have not been successful.

If you need more information on gastric balloon surgery and to see if this procedure is right for you, make an appointment today with Gotham Medical Associates. Our physicians can help find the best treatment plan for weight loss.

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