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Following a FODMAP Diet During the Holidays

If you suffer from celiac disease, IBS, or any number of other gastrointestinal challenges, you may be following a FODMAP diet. Following such a diet can be challenging, but never more so than during the holiday season. With Halloween candy and costumes already filling the shelves, now is a very good time to plan and prepare for your holidays so that you can take care of your digestive system without feeling like you’re missing out.

Low FODMAP Does Not Mean Low Flavor

Low FODMAP meals can be as rich and delicious as any other meal. The challenge is managing your meals when you’re invited to other people’s homes or to restaurants. Here are some tips we recommend following during the holiday season to help you treat your body right without staying home and missing the holiday fun.

Go Nude

Holiday parties are fun, but hopefully not that fun. We’re talking about the food. Don’t add sauces or dressings and you’ll avoid many of the culprits that throw off your low FODMAP effort. Anytime you can know precisely what ingredients are in the food on your plate, you are in control. So avoid dishes where you can’t.

Bring a Dish

When being hosted in someone else’s home for a holiday meal, it never hurts to bring a dish to share. That way, you’ll be certain at least one thing on the menu is prepared for your digestive system. Build your meal around that dish with choices that fit your dietary needs.

Talk to Your Waiter

If you’re eating in a restaurant, it’s ok to ask how something is prepared. You can order salads with dressing on the side, request gluten free options, or ask for your meat to be prepared without seasonings. Most kitchens can accommodate simple requests and are happy to do so.

Navigating the holidays on a low FODMAP diet can be challenging, but with mindfulness and a commitment to treating your body right, you can do it. If you need more information or guidance on developing a diet that works for you, make an appointment today with Gotham Medical Associates. Our physicians can help find the best treatment plan for weight loss.

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