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Colonoscopy in NYC

What Is A Colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy is a medical procedure that gives your doctor the ability to view your colon, or large intestine, lining. During the procedure, a small tube called a colonoscope is used to go through the colon and inspect all of the areas of the colon. Some of the health concerns that a colonoscopy can detect include colon cancer, colon lining inflammation, and colon polyps, among others. Your doctor might also use a colonoscopy to assist in a colon biopsy, which is often a necessary step to rule out suspected colon cancer.

What Does A Colonoscopy Involve?

Preparing For Your Colonoscopy

Before having a colonoscopy, you’ll be directed by your physician to drink only clear fluids for the 24 hours before the procedure. You’ll also be given a laxative to take ahead of time so your system is completely clear for the procedure. In addition, some medications might need to be adjusted before a colonoscopy. Speak with your doctor to learn more.

Your physician with Gotham Medical Associates will meet with you prior to the colonoscopy to give you more insight into the steps leading up to your procedure. You can also view more detailed instructions about how to prepare by viewing this Procedure Instructions page of our site.

Colonoscopy Procedure

At Gotham Medical Associates in NYC, our doctors are experts at the colonoscopy procedure and are able to make your experience pain-free and comfortable. Our physicians will provide you with a sedative to help you feel relaxed and an anesthesiologist will help monitor you to ensure your complete safety and comfort throughout the procedure.

During the colonoscopy, you’ll be laying on your side or back for about 20 minutes while your doctor performs the procedure. In total, the colonoscopy may take around two hours or less, depending on your wait time and recovery.

What To Expect After Your Colonoscopy

Following a colonoscopy, your doctor will be able to give you immediate feedback on your results. If a biopsy was required to test for cancer, it may take about a week to obtain the results from the lab, so you’ll be given those results via a phonecall from one of our nurses as soon as they are processed.

Due to the sedatives needed for a colonoscopy, driving is not allowed for the following 12 hours. This means you’ll need to arrange for a friend or family member to pick you up after the procedure. Following a colonoscopy, you might feel some bloating or cramping, which should subside quickly. You’ll be able to return to eating regularly unless otherwise instructed by your physician.

What If My Colonoscopy Is Abnormal?

In most cases, your doctor can remove abnormalities like polyps during the colonoscopy procedure. If cancer is suspected or another abnormality that requires further testing, your doctor might recommend a colon biopsy at that time.

Do I Need To Have Colon Polyps Removed?

A colon polyp is a term used to describe any abnormal growth found in the lining of your colon, which is usually non-cancerous. A polyp could be as small as the tip of a pen or as large as several inches. Because a polyp can turn into cancer sometimes, they are usually removed to prevent that possibility.

Risks Of A Colonoscopy

Although uncommon, there are some complications that could occur during a colonoscopy. These include:

  • Bleeding
  • Bowel wall tearing
  • Adverse reaction to the sedative
  • Fever
  • Severe abdominal pain

If you experience any of the above complications following a colonoscopy, it’s important to contact our office immediately. While these are uncommon, they can be serious if they are not addressed. If you have questions after your procedure, don’t hesitate to reach out for guidance or to discuss any concerns with us.

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