Esophageal Impedance & Bravo pH Testing in New York City

Esophageal Impedance / Bravo pH Testing in NYC

Esophageal 24 hr pH-Impedance Study and Bravo 48 hr pH Study

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Ambulatory 24 hr pH-impedance (pH-Z) study is a study that measures and records the amount and the severity of stomach contents moving up into the esophagus. In addition, it detects if the content of the reflux is acidic or non-acidic.

Esophageal pH-impedance monitoring is indicated for patients being considered for endoscopic or surgical anti-reflux repair.  It is also used to evaluate patients who have reflux refractory to PPI and for those who have suspected Laryngo-Pharyngeal Reflux (LPR).

A very thin, single use, latex free catheter is introduced via the patient’s nares to the distal esophagus.  The free end of the catheter is attached to a small portable recorder.  The patient wears this catheter for 24 hrs.  The information form the recorder is further transferred onto a computer and analyzed.

Bravo 48 HR pH Study

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At Gotham Medical Associates in NYC, the Bravo 48 hr pH is another test that allows us to determine the presence of acid reflux in distal esophagus. Under the care of Dr. Veronika V. Dubrovskaya, a small capsule is placed endoscopically into a distal esophagus and the information from the capsule is being recorded on a portable recorder.  The capsule, further, sloughs off from esophageal mucosa and is naturally excreted. Bravo 48 hr pH does not identify non-acid or low-acid reflux.

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